9 Jan 2014

AAP Kejriwal & BJP Modi of 2014 Lok Sabha Election India

All metro cities of India wanted Aam Aadmi Party as forward party at national level and want to make victory for 2014 Lok Sabha elections though there exist majority of opinions for Narendra Modi turning as a
20 Mar 2014

BSP List of Uttar Pradesh Lok Sabha Election 2014 Candidates

The presiden of Bahujan Samaj Party / BSP Mayawati has released Lok Sabha poll 2014 candidates list across eighty constituencies in the state of Uttar Pradesh. The BSP party has attempted to maintain the caste equation in
4 Mar 2014

First Fifteen Frayers From Shiva Sena For Lok Sabha Election 2014

The recent announcement of shiv sena naming the fourteen out of total twelve candidates in the state of Maharashtra for the 2014 Lok Sabha election. The saffron colored party is debut participating in the general election after
16 May 2014

Leading & Winning Seats by Candidates & MPs in Andhra Pradesh State Lok Sabha Election NDA

...voters. The ECI arranged nearly 69014 polling booths for this general election to exercize their votes. It is reported that the population of state is 84580777 almost 10.98% hike compared to last census.  
15 Apr 2014

Pay Commission Remuneration for Election Duty Officers of 2014 Lok Sabha Election

India’s Lok Sabha Elections 2014 has commissioned the remuneration pay structure for the officers in duty for 2014 India parliamentary election for the posts like Polling Officers PO, Presiding Officers PR, Polling Clerk PC, Police Constable, Counting
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