12 Nov 2013

List of Candidates for UP State Assembly Parliamentary Election

...Behat Mahaveer Singh Rana BSP BSP 2 Nakur Dr. Dharam Singh Saini SP BSP 3 Saharanpur Nagar Mazahir Hasan(SP) SP BJP 4 Saharanpur Jagpal SP BSP 5 Deoband Rajendra Singh Rana BJP SP 6 Rampur Maniharan Rakesh
23 Dec 2014

Jharkhand Leading Trailing Runner Up Winners List of 2014 Assembly Election

...MM candidate Nial Purty for just 29000 votes. Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s strong campaign did well for BJP is all readying to set the government in Jharkhand. Now this party turned as the first single majority party
13 Nov 2013

How 2013 Won Karnataka Congress Readying For India Parliamentary Election 2014

The Congress on Wednesday set to hold government in the state of Karnataka winning largely kicking the ruling BJP who took forty seats out of the 225 member state assembly. With the vote counting on for the
19 Aug 2013

SEC Schedules Odisha BMC MMC Election 2013

...and and ten election Booths BMC has forty wards List of winners of election of 2009 1 DROUPADI MURMU Rairangpur BJP 2 SANANDA MARNDI Kuliana BJP 3 PRAMILA GIRI Baisinga BJP 4 GOLAK BIHARI NAIK Khunta BJP
17 Feb 2014

List of Projected Seats of General Election All Parties in India

...Times Now national poll predictions in joint assignment with C-Voter, the Lok Sabha elections are favoring only BJP. Whereas the poll predictions gives BJP victory in several states providing the regional parties remain to have a big
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